Frederick County, MD

Adamstown Commons • Status: Current
5655 Mountville Road, Adamstown, MD
Adamstown Commons

This 140-acre property is located in Adamstown, Maryland. The 200 single family home community is designed as a mix of neo-traditional and conventional neighborhoods, transitioning from the historic village of Adamstown to the adjacent neighborhood. This community attempts to draw upon the features of Adamstown creating its high quality of life by preserving over 50% of the site as open space and building an extensive pathway system throughout the community. Approvals were obtained in 2002 and development began in 2004. Builders for the community included Beazer Homes, NVHomes, Ryan Homes and Craftmark Homes.

Eaglehead at Lake Linganore/Oakdale Investments • Status: Current
Intersection of Eaglehead Drive & Boyer's Mill Rd., New Market, MD
Eaglehead at Lake Linganore/Oakdale Investments

Eaglehead is a 1,500-acre component of the 3,800-acre Lake Linganore PUD, which was approved and started in the 1960’s. Approximately 3,000 of the 9,000 proposed lots have been built. This project is a joint venture with NVR to develop up to 3,500 lots on the 1,500-acre section. Development of single family homes is currently underway in Woodridge and Aspen.  Approvals are in process for the Hamptons, Westridge, Alpine and Town Center villages and a neighborhood village shopping center. The joint venture was entered into in 2008.

Landsdale • Status: Current
11229 Fingerboard Road, Monrovia, MD

This 700-acre assemblage is approved as a 1,100 unit PUD east of Urbana. Approvals have involved rezoning the property to a PUD classification and obtaining development approvals including the first Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) in Frederick County.  Site development began in 2012 and Winchester Homes will be the builder of Section One with homes delivering in 2014.

Nicodemus • Status: Current
Nicodemus, Frederick, MD
Eaglehead at Lake Linganore/Oakdale Investments

This property is located on the eastern edge of the historic downtown of the City of Frederick. The property consists of 444 units in a Planned Neighborhood Development. It will be a mix of single family homes, townhouses and two-over-two condominiums surrounding a pool and clubhouse which is an adaptive reuse of a 19th century manor house. Development will begin in 2013 with buildout taking place over the next 4 to 6 years.